Some would say my personal life is pretty un-organised.... but when it comes to planning Events, this is simply not an option! If you’re planning your own wedding, your work conference, next client hosting or Christmas party & you don't have a professional to help you then click here and to find out the biggest tip I can offer you!


I never used to be an organised person, until I found myself working for a company running 7 – 10 events a week on a number of different scales. Most would imagine this to be a logistical nightmare but in fact, in the most part it all comes down to 1 thing. BEING ORGANISED.

Some people just don’t have an organisational bone in their body and that’s fine ..Just don’t plan an event (That’s where we come in!)

Either seek help from a professional who is organised for a living, or if the option isn’t there then work out the best planning technique for you. Everyone has different ways of organising themselves and their lives so I can’t tell you what will work for you.

But here’s a few things I do to keep on top of my planning!


Who doesn’t love a good list and that feeling of crossing things off! Try colour coding or using an online tool like if you’re a stickler for misplacing your lists!


These are a favorite and often a life saver – no one expects you to remember everything, you are only human. Calendar reminders in outlook are quick and easy and a good prompt not to forget those important things that could be crucial to planning your event.


I map out my days so I know what I need to achieve before diving into my week. It can be so easy to waste your day or week away and not achieve anything – I set myself timelines and goals that I need to get done and make sure to stick to these as much as I can.

Being un-organised can cause a lot of stress & anxiety – we’ve all been there! But with a few simple techniques you generally realise that it might not as overwhelming as you may have initially thought. If it is still overwhelming or being organised just doesn’t work for you then get in touch – let me be organised for you!