Staff Parties

Let's be honest....

  • Everyone's GRUMPY.
  • Everyone's STRESSED. 
  • No one is ENGAGED with EACH OTHER or THEIR JOB. 
  • PRODUCTIVITY is down.
  • The overall MORALE around the office is LOW.

It's no surprise that at this time of the year we've all got a mild case of the Winter Blues. Some of us will be fortunate enough to get away for a summer escape... but most of us will be stuck at home in our usual routine with only the thought of the long wait for summer pulling us through. It's time to give everyone something to look forward to over these cold wintry days.

There are many ways to get your team back on track and to boost team morale. A happy team = great results. 


Everyone appreciates being appreciated. It could be as simple as letting them clock off an hour early on Friday or as surprising them with a box of cold beer and a few glasses of wine at the end of a busy and stressful day.


Everyone enjoys a good bevie at the end of a busy week & what better way than to bring the team together. Clock off early and take them off-site - Arrange a fun activity where everyone can be involved and then let them take a load off and enjoy themselves. 


Most people think team Building Activities are 'pointless'. But I'm not talking about a Tug-of-war in the office - we can do better than that! 

Team building can be fun, interactive and get's everyone involved. 


So you've not done this before? Having a casual awards evening / day is a great way to create a little competitiveness amongst peers. It inspires staff to work harder and to put in that little extra effort - Let's be honest - everyone loves winning...right?!

These are just a few very simple ways of getting your team back on track and improving the overall morale around the office.

Get in touch for more ideas on how I can help you pull off the perfect event suited to your team this winter!